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Our Top Trends We Saw at CHFA NOW Toronto

Written by: CHFA Content Team

CHFA NOW Toronto came back to life over the weekend hosting nearly 8,000 industry professionals for Canada’s largest natural health trade show at the Enercare Centre. After a two-year hiatus, CHFA NOW Toronto brought together thought leaders, investors, retailers, and over 1,100 brands spanning better for you foods, natural health products, natural beauty and healthy home and pet products.

The excitement proves the interest in natural, organic and wellness is growing. CHFA’s latest Canadian consumer study found 92% of Canadians still place high importance on eating healthy despite the high rate of inflation and the rising costs of food – in terms of importance, health ranks second only to price, with locally sourced products and sustainability up next. Each one of these items were rated more important now than they were two years ago1.

After two days of walking the floor, we are sharing our top trends that stood out to our team of natural health industry experts including nutritionist of 15+ years, Andrea Donsky, co-founder of and

Trend 1: The Non-Alcoholic Category Pops

Our drinking habits changed drastically in 2020 and sparked the brand development of better-for-you, non-alcoholic alternatives. From non-alcoholic beers to spritzers, drinks are a bigger part of the CHFA NOW tradeshow floor than ever before. With the non-alcoholic sector (including soft drinks) expected to reach $280 million this year, brands are ready to show consumers their quality and good-tasting options for the sober curious.

Trend 2: Turning Towards Plastic-Free

Sustainability continues to be one of the highest priorities in the food and wellness space. Brands are responding to consumer demand to minimize or completely eliminate plastic packaging with innovative ideas – from compostable chip bags to shampoo and conditioner bars.

Trend 3: Gut Health Goes Viral

Gut health is blowing up on TikTok (as reported by the NY Times) – and now, there’s more support for gut woes than ever before. With growing customer awareness of digestion, and the gut-brain connection, the demand for wellness products that support a healthy gut is sharply rising for everything from fiber, to bone broth, to prebiotics & probiotics.

Trend 4: Mad about Mushrooms

Functional mushrooms continue to grow in popularity for everyday use and general wellness. Mushroom-containing products now span seasoning blends, ready-to-drink beverages, snacks, coffee, supplements, and teas and include species like chaga, cordyceps, reishi, lion’s mane, and turkey tail. Mushrooms are popular for supporting immune health, blood pressure regulation, brain health, and overall wellness.

We are looking forward to seeing these health trends evolve and appear on retail shelves and websites soon.