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ENDS Sept 14, 2022
Sept 15, 2022
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SEPTEMBER 15, 2022
10:30 AM–5:00 PM ET
RM 200A / 200B / 200C – BEANFIELD CENTRE


Our Regulatory Forum is back live, and we’re excited to bring our member community back together. Join us to stay current on CHFA advocacy efforts and get important regulatory updates on CBD,  supplemented foods, plain language labelling and more.

Join organizations like Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate, Food Directorate, Gowling LLP and Natural Health Product Research Society as they discuss key issues impacting natural health products and food in Canada.


Advocacy & Government Updates
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10:30–11:00 AM ET

CHFA Advocacy Update

Join the CHFA team as we provide an update on our current advocacy efforts and our strategic plan for affecting change in Ottawa.

11:00 AM–12:00 PM ET

CBD Regulations: What You Need to Know About CBD as an NHP

Join CHFA’s CBD task force as we break down the Science and Advisory Committee report on CBD and the next steps for our industry as we advocate for CBD as an NHP.

Moderated by:


Aaron Skelton


Cory Harris
Associate Professor, University of Ottawa
Huw Williams
Impact Public Affairs
Jon-Paul Powers
Gowling WLG
Laura E. Gomez
Gowling WLG

1:05–1:45 PM ET

Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) to present information on the Self-Care framework, as well as updates on product/site licensing, NNHPD client services and updates to systems and monographs. 

Topics include:

    • Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (CESD) Audit Response
    • Self-Care Framework
    • Cannabis
    • NHP Submissions
    • Recent System updates

1:45–2:15 PM ET

Food Directorate will share updates to the Supplemented Foods Regulations

2:15–2:45 PM ET

Lewis Retik from Gowlings LLP will present an overview of the amended regulations for plain-language labelling (PLL) for NHPs sold in Canada, how it will impact NHP brands, and the steps brands must take to be compliant. He will also talk about new front of package labelling requirements for food.

2:50–3:20 PM ET

Networking Break

3:20–3:45 PM ET

Regulatory and Operation Enforcement Branch (ROEB) will discuss the NHP Pilot Inspection program and NHP compliance verifications activities.

3:45–3:50 PM ET

Closing Remarks

Research Panel: Instill Consumer Confidence in Your Brand
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4:00–5:00 PM ET

Join our panel of experts for a lively discussion on the benefits of research to instill consumer confidence in your brand in a crowded marketplace. Moderator Sharan Sidhu (NHPRS) will interview our panelists (Michael Bentley, Paul Spagnuolo, Cory Harris) on their successes, challenges and long-term outcomes.


Michael Bentley
President, SierraSil Health Inc.
Paul Spagnuolo
Associate Professor, University of Guelph
Cory Harris
Associate Professor, University of Ottawa