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Customers Come 2nd (Yes, you read that right!)

Kevin Graff
President of Graff Retail

SEPTEMBER 16, 2022
2:30–3:15 PM 


Remember all that talk you heard about the customers always being right, and always putting customers first?  Well, welcome to the new world where customers are now in second place. 

Who’s is first place?  Your staff. 

Are customers important?  Of course, they are.  But until you put your staff first, and create a great work experience for them, you’ll never achieve your goal to create a customer experience that is outstanding. 

In this presentation by Kevin Graff, you’ll leave not with just an understanding of why your staff are now the most important part of your business, but more importantly, proven strategies that you can implement in your stores right away to create a great staff experience.


Kevin Graff is the President of Graff Retail. Kevin was recently chosen as one of the Top 50 Retail Influencers in the world. 

Kevin has had opportunity to work with retailers including Costco Wholesale, Staples, Bell, Shoppers Drug Mart and more. Kevin is also the creator of Graff Retail Online, the retail community’s leading source of online sales and management training.