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Growing Your Business When Nobody Thinks It Can Be Done


Graham Kaufmann
Senior Vice President of HORN

SEPTEMBER 16, 2022
11:30 AM–12:15 PM ET


We’ve been describing the business environment as “uncertain” for a while now. And that was before the pandemic, inflation and talk of a recession got added to the picture. Today’s business environment is defined by constant upheaval — and by the expectation that you’ll still keep delivering results. How do you make it happen? This interactive session provides some answers. In it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Detect threats and opportunities while there’s still time to respond
  • Get past status quo thinking to uncover fresh new thinking
  • Challenge what you believe about your business model, and act on what you learn


Graham is Senior Vice President of HORN, a sought-after facilitator and executive coach and has been with HORN since 2006. Graham is a charismatic and compelling public speaker who inspires audiences through passion, knowledge, and personal experience. He brings to the learning environment a successful track record in senior leadership, particularly in Marketing, Sales and Strategy. 

Prior to joining the firm, he accumulated over fifteen years’ experience working with companies in Canada and globally, including Labatt Breweries, Pfizer, Adams Brands and Cadbury Schweppes. 

Graham is also a seasoned executive coach. Graham has helped senior executives identify what holds them back in order to build a specific path toward achieving their personal and professional potential.  He also coaches athletes in pursuit of achieving their potential.