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Get Your Brand Noticed at CHFA NOW Toronto

Did you know we offer an extensive list of marketing opportunities to help you get your brand noticed before and during CHFA NOW Toronto? Here are a few of the ways to capture retailers attention and drive exposure to your brand.  

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50👏More 👏Days 👏

CHFA NOW is finally back in our city in our brand-new venue in just 50 short days. To celebrate being back in Toronto and as a special thank you for joining us, we’re taking $500 off four marketing opportunities designed to drive traffic to your booth and build brand awareness.

🚻 Washroom Stickers
Our Price: $1500
Sale Price: $1000

We’ve all got to go… and this is your chance to be there. This opportunity includes the placement of one graphic on the bathroom walls of three high-traffic washrooms. Contact to order.

🛍️ Hotel Product Room Drop (Saturday)
Our Price: $2500
Sale Price: $2000

Add your product to our CHFA NOW welcome kit and we’ll drop it in the hotel rooms of those who are here to enjoy the show.*

*Minimum of two brands needed for this activation to take place.

🍽️ Hosted Conference Program (Breakfast/ Lunch)
Our Price: $2000
Sale Price: $1500

Got a great brand story, creative activity, or engaging speaker? Host a breakfast seminar or luncheon within the conference program or before the show starts on Saturday to showcase your brand in one of our high-profile time slots.

Available time slots are Friday 12 p.m.–1 p.m. and Saturday 8:30 a.m.–10 a.m.

🧘🚲 Sponsored Activity
Our Price: $3000
Sale Price: $2500

Pre-show yoga sesh? Mid-day bike ride? The ideas are endless, and this opportunity lets you be creative and treat attendees to an event of your choosing.

Sale ends on August 2!

These opportunities are strategically placed in high traffic areas – promising eyes on your brand. These will sell out fast – get them while they’re hot!

Drive Booth Traffic

Our most tried and true way to get retailers to your booth is through our Celebration Stations. For one hour on Saturday afternoon, we set up happy hour at your booth and attendees start heading over for complimentary drinks. We’re excited to offer non-alcoholic options for the first time this year!*

  • Price: Starting at $1,300
  • Deadline: August 15, 2022

*Non-alcoholic options at Celebration Stations are only available to brands that have a non-alcoholic product.

Share Product Knowledge

Our Brand Schools offer you a dedicated 45-minute time slot on our conference day to share everything you need retailers and natural health practitioners to know about you and your brand.  

This year, we’re offering Brand Schools in both English and French! 

  • Order Codes: CONBR (English), CONBF (French)
  • Price: $1,250
  • Deadline: July 22, 2022

Build Brand Awareness 

The first thing attendees see when they enter the trade show? Our Product Showcase. This is your chance to get your products front and center and demonstrate the visual impact of the product(s) you have in store.

  • Order Code: ADSHO
  • Price: $350
  • Deadline: August 29, 2022