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Busting the Myth – Is Serotonin Really a Happy Hormone?


Dr. Elie Klein, ND
Educator, Speaker, and Formulator of Natural Health Products

MARCH 31, 2023
3:15–4:00 PM PT
RM 205


Over the past few decades, depression has often been attributed to low levels of serotonin, a premise largely accepted in natural health circles. However, there is extensive scientific research and data that contradicts this idea and suggests quite the opposite. Join Dr. Elie Klein ND, as he presents evidence on why this “happy hormone” really isn’t all it’s rumoured to be. Learn about the central biological causes of mental health challenges, and most importantly, how natural health retailers can support customers seeking supplements to improve mental health and cognitive function with Earth’s greatest healing tools – medicinal plants and micronutrients.


Formulator and Scientific Advisor Dr. Elie Klein B.Sc., ND has over 15 years of clinical and natural product industry experience. A distinguished naturopathic doctor and published author, he selects the finest ingredients to produce high quality, efficacious natural supplement formulas. Dr. Klein has appeared in several radio and TV programs such as City TV and contributes to health magazines like Vitality and Alive. He is a frequently featured speaker at various Health Shows across Canada.