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Introducing Jonluca Neal: National Distribution. Local Vibe.

Casey Eleusiniotis, Chris Neal, Peter Neal & Maryann Wiens
Jonluca Neal

MARCH 31, 2023
2:15–3:00 PM PT
RM 205


Join us for delicious snacks and friendly conversation as we proudly introduce Jonluca Neal, the largest, family-owned, natural food distribution company in Canada. Guests will have a chance to meet our leadership team who share more than 150 years of experience in the natural health food industry. Learn more about our brand story and how we can help you grow your business locally and nationally.


Casey Eleusiniotis is an original founder of Jonluca Enterprises. He’s got experience in many different areas of distribution and believes getting better food to more people is a great reason to do what we do.


Chris Neal is the co-owner of Neal Brothers Brands along with his brother Peter. Chris is also a partner in, and the CEO of Jonluca Neal, one of only a few three temperature distribution companies in Canada and partners with a wide range of retailers across Canada from distribution centers in Ontario and British Columbia. 


Peter Neal co-founded Neal Brothers Brands and Distribtion thirty five years ago.  Pete has discovered and built some of the most iconic brands in the industry – many of them were ahead of the trend. Pete’s love of food and people make him ideally suited to head up brands and sales at Jonluca Neal.    


Maryann Wiens has brought products people love into markets and homes for 18+ years. First as an Executive VP of Sales, overseeing 150 cities in USA + Canada. Next as GM/ Director of Biz Dev for a Vancouver food processor. There, searching for an aligned distribution partner to support her new market growth strategy she met the Senior Team at Jonluca East and became a Vendor Partner. Now, with Jonluca’s 2020 expansion West she takes the lead as GM.