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Unleash your Digital Potential: How to Foster Innovation and Agility

Lital Marom
Innovation Strategist and Visionary

MARCH 31, 2023
1:15–2:00 PM PT
RM 212–213


The pandemic and the current financial crisis are a big wake-up call for most businesses to innovate and reconstruct their future, or they will be left behind. Organizations need to make significant changes to their traditional (incumbent) business model to build their breakthrough, future-ready business. 

In this talk, Lital will take you through a new method of proactive leadership thinking relevant to all executives operating in today’s high-velocity digital era of constant disruptive change. 

Lital’s practical and inspirational talk will provide you with the know-how and case-study examples to embark on your journey in a world of dramatic change post-COVID-19. You will hear about a future-facing framework that creates new insights and wide options for innovation and business model transformation. 

The global pandemic has completely reshaped our world. Consumers, employees, and the marketplace have all dramatically changed over the last two years, and companies unable to keep up have failed. To survive today’s high-velocity era of constant disruptive change, leaders need to re-imagine how their organizations operate, and they need to do it today. 

Innovation strategist Lital Marom takes audiences on a deep dive into the new patterns of success and how innovation sits at the heart of it. Sharing key insights from her breakthrough innovation framework, she shows organizations how to scale faster, increase profit, and maintain their competitive edge in this new world of work. 


A thought leader on agile business processes, digital transformation, and the future of work, Lital Marom is an expert at helping organizations unlock the potential of their business by leveraging exponential thinking, emerging technologies, and new business models. In her practical and engaging talks, she inspires business leaders to “disrupt themselves” and push beyond their limitations to future proof their businesses.