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Our Top Trends We Saw at CHFA NOW 2022

By CHFA - May 5, 2022

After a two-year hiatus, we finally got to host CHFA NOW Vancouver last weekend, live and in person! Over 6,000 industry professionals joined us for Western Canada’s largest natural health trade show. Our community of industry leaders, investors, retailers and over 750 brands in the natural, organic and wellness space came together to network, learn from each other and celebrate being back on the tradeshow floor.

We’re excited to share our top trends that stood out to the CHFA NOW team and what we can’t wait to see front and centre of the shopping aisles moving forward!

Upcycled Foods & Regenerative Agriculture

Better for you and better for the planet – the natural health industry leads the way we think about the circularity of food. We spotted brands looking at traditional food waste in a new light and creating shelf-worthy products from ingredients that would ultimately go into the landfill.


Loop is giving fruit and veggies a second life to create cold-pressed juices, smoothies, probiotic sodas and more. Susgrainable saves fibre and protein-rich spent brewery grains from the landfill and upcycles the grains to make barley flour and delicious baking mixes.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Category

1 Non-Alcoholic Spirits Are Popping Up Everywhere. But The Category Still Has A Few Lessons To Learn, Forbes, 2021

Beverages like kombucha and cold-pressed juices have made a statement on our show floor for years, but the beverage of choice this year was of alcohol-free alternatives. You could hardly walk one aisle of the CHFA NOW tradeshow floor without coming across non-alcoholic beers, spritzers or wine. With the non-alcoholic sector (including soft drinks) expected to reach $280 million this year1, brands are ready to show consumers that there are quality and good tasting options available, alcohol-free.

1 Non-Alcoholic Spirits Are Popping Up Everywhere. But The Category Still Has A Few Lessons To Learn, Forbes, 2021


Launch Pad finalist OPUS brings nondrinkers the tastes of cocktail favourites with their non-alcoholic Peach Bellini and Gin and Tonic. Edna’s small-batch cocktails are a strong competitor with the classic mojito and Paloma adaptations. The trend doesn’t stop at cocktails, though; Teetotaler Wines was there for the wine lovers. HP Juniper offers gin connoisseurs an authentic taste and alcohol-free. Finally, the multiple alcohol-free beers at the show, such as CRFT and Athletic Brewing, prove this is a dominating trend.

Smart & Sustainable Packaging

When it comes to environmental concerns and shopping for food and drink, packaging waste ranks first for Canadians2. Consumers’ growing expectations for brands to provide more eco-friendly, sustainable options led to innovative packaging trends on the tradeshow floor.


Humble Potato chips with Canada’s first compostable chip bag, Attitude Livings Plastic-free line of beauty products with cardboard packaging, Oteas with their plant-based packaging that is certified biodegradable and Herbaland with 100% compostable bags for their range of vitamin gummies.

2 Sustainability in Food, Canada, 2022, Mintel

Plant Power

The plant-based revolution takes centre stage as consumer demand continues to grow for climate-friendly products. Companies at CHFA NOW introduced their new and creative ways to harness the power of plants – from plant-based seafood to bee-free honey.


Mindful FÜD’s Bee-Mindful Hunnie is made from apples, not bees, but you wouldn’t know it! Komo Plant-Based Comfort Food’s lasagna was easily one of the biggest crowd-pleasers at the show, and Save Da Sea continues to impress with their vegan tuna salad and smoked salmon offerings.

The Future is Female

Female founders used their booths and platforms at CHFA NOW Launch Pad to offer natural solutions to female health issues that need more airtime.


Launch Pad Winner, Aeryon Wellness, won for her Up & Away product made with 100% Boric Acid for female vaginal health. Mångata Apothecary™ is another Launch Pad competitor who taps into her background in Herbal Medicine to create natural skincare products like their Post-Partum Sitz Bomb. Here We Flo tapped into the market women have been waiting for – eco-friendly tampons and pads with an empowering brand behind it!

From the Sea

From food to beauty products, brands have harnessed life under the sea to create sustainable products we can feel good about consuming.


Launch Pad finalist Algi’s IMPACT Bar uses nutrient-packed algae to create an eco-friendly, healthy food option that tastes great. Seaweed was prominent on our tradeshow floor with Kove Ocean Foods Sea Spice made with Sugar Kelp Flakes, Nora Snacks seaweed tempura chips and 7 Fathoms Seaweed company offering simplified skincare powered by sustainably harvested seaweed in beautiful Newfoundland. We can’t finish off this category without mentioning Scout Canning – North America’s craft seafood cannery, making its mark on the industry as a sustainable seafood brand committed to protecting our oceans and waterways, with an eye-catching brand too!

International Flavours

Last but not least, international flavours delighted the senses and were another dominating presence on the show floor. Attendees enjoyed a range of tastes, from ready-to-eat treats to sauces and spices; we can’t wait to dig in.


 TMRW Foods’ sweet, zesty Thai plant-based ocean cakes, perfect for dunking into a spicy peanut dipping sauce, Naked & Saucy’s gluten-free soy sauce substitute in different flavours, Three Farmers Turmeric & Spice Roasted Chickpeas offering an anti-inflammatory power snack and Good Food for Good’s lick-the-bowl-clean masala and butter chicken sauces.

Twice a year, CHFA looks forward to walking the tradeshow floors at our iconic events to gain inspiration from our incredible community. Every year, we find something new and innovative that we know will wow consumers from coast to coast. We can’t wait to see what new and exciting trends come out of CHFA NOW Toronto in the fall.

Join us in Toronto from September 15-18, 2022